About Buena Vida Counseling

Buena Vida (Bwayna Veeduh) means “good life” in Spanish. So, why good? Good in the sense that recovery is possible, that reweaving is possible, that putting all the broken pieces back together is precisely what has given humans our resilience. I use “good” in the sense of simply acknowledging what we can or cannot do in a situation, and choosing a path. Consider the wild rose. It grows in the harshest conditions, can survive in marshy areas or dry arid spots, has thorns to protect it, and yet boasts a heady perfume all its own. They even grown high up on mountains. Just like mountain-climbing without a climbing partner can be dangerous, so we too need someone who can help watch for rock slides and avalanches, or to dig us out if we are stuck. The very act of reaching out for a climbing partner orients us towards health.

I’m coming to counseling because life isn’t good right now. Will you even understand me, with a name like good life?

We sure don’t need sugary statements when all of life has gone bitter. I don’t think pat phrases, more tools, or workbooks alone can change how we experience and react to life’s challenges, much less change those challenges. So I guess this is my disclaimer: counseling requires work and the resources to do the work. You have come to the right place, and I will walk with you on that journey.

Who exactly is Buena Vida Counseling?

Buena Vida Counseling is the “Doing Business As” name for Christina M Welllman, LMHC. Please click here for more information on my style and professional qualifications.